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The rapid growth in Egypt`s tourism industry not only represents one of the econonmy`s most vibrant sectors, but also poses grave risks to the enviroment. Tourism-related effects such as water contamination and inefficient waste disposal are especially damaging in a region known for its arid landscape and water shortages. The problem is further aggravated with the lack of regionally-specific resort standards and a general lack of enviromental knowledge among hotel managemen and staff.
It is against this backdrop that AGEG Consultants eG and Orascom hotels & Develoment (OHD) have joined forces within the scope of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) to improve standards by the implementing an enviromentally and economically sustainable management system in the hotel industry in Egypt. This is how the Green Star Hotel Intiative was born.

The Initiative
The Green Star Hotel Initiative was founded in a participative and interactive approach bringing experts and actors to the same table. Taking El Gouna as pilot destination , the Green Star Hotel Initiative desires to create a “national pilot” for an environmentally-friendly label for hotels and resorts applicable to destinations throughout Egypt and the Middle East.
Currently, El Gouna has voluntarily committed itself to sustainable development, maintaining the natural beauty of the location. By implementing a model that encompasses both ecological and economic aspects, it can become a truly “green destination” assuring a unique competitive advantage among global tourist destinations and creates a promising future for the tourism industry. It is the goal of the Green Star Hotel Initiative to standardize that model and make it applicable to other destinations.


El Gouna on the Red Sea, Egypt

With its authentic architecture, sustainable development concept, internal recycling and water treatment plants, and innovative
management, El Gouna is the perfect pilot location. • 14 hotels with a total capacity of 2,669 rooms
• Main feeder market: Western Europe, esp. Germany (25- 30%), UK, and Belgium
• Pilot model of integrated tourism resort in Egypt
• Environmental pioneer with awards such as the Green Globe, Green Planet or TUI Umweltchampion

The Key Environmental Objectives
• Improvement of the environmental performance of the destination
• Significant reduction of energy and water consumption (10-30%)
• Increased use of renewable energy
• Ensuring waste is properly handled and sewage is properly treated
• Raising awareness for environmental protection among hotel guests, tour operators, hotel staff and residents
• Capacity building in environmentally sound hotel management

“I don’t believe it is right to develop land without regard for the environment, and it’s not fair to ruin it for future generations.”
Samih Sawiris, Chairman of Orascom Hotels & Development


Destinations-specific criteria

Taking into account the local climactic and cultural characteristics of Egypt, the criteria of the Green Star Hotel Label will concentrate on the following areas:
• Enviromental Management • Water • Energy • Waste • Guest Information
• Food and Beverage / Kitchen • Housekeeping • Gardening and Beach • Interior and Exterior Appearance
Internationally recognized standards
All criteria are based upon internationally recognized criteria, including baseline criteria developed by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and a range of international organisations. In accordance with UNEP the Green Star Hotel Initiative will test the implementation of those criteria, acting as a pilot for the Middle East.

The Tools
The Green Star Hotel Initiative provides a Practical Toolkit to support the Hotels in El Gouna introducing the eco-label:
• Guidelines manual
• Graphic marketing tools
• Training tools

The Standards
The green Star Hotel Intiative applies the standards of the VISIT Association (www.yourvisit.info)

Supported by:
Egyptian Hotels Association
Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
Tourism Development Authority

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